Trilogy Interactive

Trilogy moves online campaigns forward

You’ve got an idea, something that will help people engage with your organization.  You need to translate what you’ve got in your head to a medium where it can come to life.  Perhaps you’re on a mission. You need to get the word out, raise money, activate a network of supporters. You need to make a leap to bring this idea to fruition. You need help.

Trilogy can vault your idea from back-of-the-napkin sketch to a fully realized online powerhouse. We’ve got the insight to understand your idea, the experience to fine-tune it, and the know-how to build it.  Whether it’s a website, an infographic, a Facebook widget, a searchable database or an email marketing campaign, we can get your idea humming. And we’re excited about doing it.

Our people – 30 strong in our DC, Chicago and Berkeley offices – thrive on finding the right solutions to your trickiest communications challenges.  We can make uninteresting stuff compelling.  We can unknot years of data and make it easy to use. We can even build a million-dollar moneybomb. We’ll do it collaboratively, on time and on budget.

Contact us today and let Trilogy make your idea happen.