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Trilogy began its partnership with AFSCME since 2008, when we created a microsite for their convention to elect new union leadership.  But we launched the complete after a process of completely rethinking the site, how it works internally for AFSCME staff and stakeholders, and the needs of the membership.  Our process was totally collaborative; in many respects Trilogy personnel became an extension of AFSCME’s communications staff.  As we began to understand the challenges of the organizations broad and deep content offering, we realized no average solution would do.  We needed something totally custom, incredibly flexible, and yet usable enough for a non-web-geek to manage it day to day.

Our proprietary CMS, AMPS, was just coming online, and we used to put it to the test.  We created scores of content types, with dozens of interconnections and tags that allow content managers to publish documents and articles easily, and site visitors to find them intuitively.  The homepage we designed is bold, but modular, with well-defined priorities and plenty of room to evolve.  Although years have gone by since we launched, the site remains clean and highly functional.  This is largely a testament to excellent upfront planning, a CMS that really works, and a great collaboration.


web design and development, microsites
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