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With the electoral cycle winding to a close, SEIU approached Trilogy with a challenge: Undecided women needed to understand what was at risk if Mitt Romney won the White House. One calculable measure was the actual cost of prescription birth control. So Trilogy built an online calculator that let women input their age and birth control method. The app calculates the cost of birth control over the balance of the user’s childbearing years. Social media tools encouraged users to spread the word.

But we didn’t stop there. Trilogy built the calculator into a series of online ads, and placed a targeted ad buy to extend the app’s reach. Our triple-pronged approach (web, social networking, online advertising) paid off: On the day we launched the calculator, MSNBC’s Ed Show picked it up and used the tool on the air to prove a point: A Romney/Ryan administration would be disastrous for women.


front-end and app development, online advertising
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