Work From Home Scam

We are aware of an active work from home scam utilizing the Trilogy Interactive name, in which individuals pose as recruiters from Trilogy Interactive offering phony work-from-home opportunities. We are sharing additional details here to hopefully protect potential victims from these fraudsters.

You may be getting scammed if the “recruiter” is:

Since Trilogy Interactive is not involved in these fraudulent schemes, we are limited in what we can report to law enforcement about these activities. If you think you’ve been scammed, we encourage you to file a report:


Reporting to specific online platforms

If you were contacted by a suspected scammer…

If you’re interested in learning more about how the scam works, read on.

How it works

Victims are drawn in via email, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn,, or other job search platforms with offers about “working from home” for Trilogy Interactive performing “Graphic Design” tasks. Promised salaries range from $25-50 per hour. When victims respond positively to the trap, they are asked to “interview” via a text chat session. At the end of the “interview,” victims will be offered a position and asked to supply personal identifying information including but not limited to: full name, mailing address, social security number, driver’s license number, and banking information.

Once recruited, the scam operates as a Fake Check Scam.

  1. Victims are mailed checks and ask to deposit them into their bank account.
  2. Victims are told to conduct financial transactions with money from their own bank account.
  3. Victim’s information is then forwarded to a wider network of scammers for further victimization.

Trilogy Interactive will always communicate with official email addresses. Our multi-step hiring process at the very least involves: a phone screen, a video chat interview and/or an in person interview, reference checks, a background check, and a formal offer letter. All jobs offers will be administered via a secure digital signature platform like DocuSign. Trilogy Interactive will never collect your banking information or ask you to cash checks during the recruitment process or as part of your employment responsibilities.