Evergreen Action

Evergreen Action

Trilogy activated progressive influencers to cut through an intense news cycle, rallying the public in the fight against climate change.

  • Engaged 25 influencers
  • Added 33K+ new people to actives list with an 86% retention rate

Trilogy did incredible work on our SCOTUS campaign, which has been one of our most successful campaigns to date. They put in a lot of time and energy—bringing fresh ideas that drove amazing results and helped build a platform to continue our most important work.

Sam Holman Digital Director, Evergreen Action

SCOTUS Undermines the Clean Air Act

In June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) released its ruling on West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The decision – released during one of the busiest news cycles of the summer — directly limited the EPA’s ability to curb greenhouse gas pollution under the Clean Air Act, one of the most popular and effective bipartisan laws in American history. The ruling inhibited the federal government’s ability to prevent mass pollution and further endangered the historically marginalized groups bearing the worst impacts of pollution and climate change.

Preparation Is Key in Moment Marketing

At a time when all attention was centered on Roe v. Wade, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s swearing-in ceremony, and gun legislation, elevating a lesser-known Supreme Court decision was no easy feat. But Trilogy got it done by executing a multi-channel strategy that would be ready at the exact moment we could make the biggest impact – right after the SCOTUS decision. Tactics consisted of digital ads, emails (including a custom welcome series), and influencer marketing. 

Our team designed and produced each asset ahead of time, saving room for rapid-fire changes determined by the details of the ruling. Our creative strategy also leveraged the anger permeating online, further villainizing the conservative Supreme Court justices. Trilogy chose a select group of influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to drive that message home and inspire action across progressive audiences. Because of that early legwork, Trilogy launched the full campaign within minutes of the opinion coming out, driving a timely, critical conversation about the need for climate action. 

Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Within 24 hours, it was clear that Evergreen had captured the public’s interest. Our campaign brought in more than 33,000 new names through petition signatures across channels, served 11 million impressions, and garnered 1.5 million engagements across ads and influencers’ posts. Because of staunch advocacy from Evergreen and its supporters, Congress later passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which created a workaround for the Supreme Court’s ruling. While there is still much work to do to fight the climate crisis, together we solidified Evergreen Action as a critical thought leader and driving force in climate policy.

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